Announcement: The Toxicity of Water

I’ve never been very good at growing tomatoes, or fixing cars. While I like the idea of working with my hands to build or make or grow something, my fingers are brittle and my hands are soft. The callouses I have lay over the knuckle between my fore and middle finger. It is an odd place to have a callous, unless you hold a pencil, or knife or brush the ‘wrong’ way. Maybe that is why I have been drawn to art and architecture and literature. Making marks on paper always felt right, even when I am holding my pen wrong.

I am proud to announce that my story, The Toxicity of Water is now available in the winter issue of Into The Ruins. This is the first short story I have professionally published. Rubbing my fingers together, I can feel the callouses that formed while I was writing it.




This is the first, of what I hope will be many stories that make it on the long journey from my imagination to the page to publication.  I hope you enjoy my work and will share it. Please support the editors and publishers of small journals particularly Into The Ruins as they continue to create and push art out into the world.


Quick update: The digital version is now also available. Here is the link if you prefer electrons to ink and paper.

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