UnCommon Lands is now available in paperback & ebook.

Spanning multiple genres, UnCommon Lands: A Collection of Rising Tides, Outer Space and Foreign Lands presents 20 unique depictions of fantastic places and alien landscapes from new and veteran authors. The Anthology includes my short story “Gators in Kansas and other Hazards of Modern Farming.”

Coming Soon

The Last Iceberg, A Novel

In the not so distant future, earth looks different. Water is more valuable—and scarce—than gold, and the few remaining glaciers are being harvested by money-hungry crooks.

Maggie Foley, a washed-out search and rescue pilot, is nervous about flying again. Still, she sucks it up and takes her photojournalist best friend Ricki in a helicopter to help document the thieves. But when their reconnaissance mission goes awry, Maggie will be pitted against the elements, unforeseen enemy forces—and herself—in a battle for survival.

Short Reads By Me

Remember when reading was done for entertainment and not mass doomsday news consumption? Me neither but I’m happy to offer you some bite-sized fiction that you might enjoy as an alternative to the 24/7 news cycle. Go ahead, take a Twitter break.

Recommended Reads

It’s not all about me! There are so many talented but lesser-known writers out there and even one that I happen to be married to. Check out this recommended list of just a few of my favorite authors with links to websites, books and stories.