Short Stories

“Gators in Kansas and other Hazards of Modern Farming”

Sal has been working the farm for years to earn his stake, but rising water and invasive species threaten to take it all away.

“Gators in Kansas and other Hazards of Modern Farming” appears in the anthology UnCommon Lands: A Collection of Rising Tides, Outer Space and Foreign Lands currently available in paperback and ebook.

UnCommon Lands presents 20 unique depictions of fantastic places and alien landscapes. These stories of the human (and inhuman) experience transcend time and place and will transport you to worlds you’ve never imagined. Including new and veteran voices, our UnCommon Authors bring you stories which span multiple genres, but hold together on a framework of quality storytelling and a solid theme. UnCommon Lands reminds us that where we are from isn’t as important as where we are going.

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Rising Waters Series

“Grief Protocols”

“Stealing Air”

“The Toxicity of Water”