The following is a partial list of a completed screenplays by Ralph Walker as the sole screenwriter. All completed screenplays have been registered with the WGAE for record. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.

After the death of their father, siblings ready to start new lives, band together to rob millions from the Garden State Parkway to save their mother’s taffy shop and finance her cancer treatments. 

Heist / Dramady

A failed rocket scientist returns to her childhood home to sort out her mistakes only to find that the most important man in her life has been with her all along.

Romantic Comedy

Trapped by an acid rain storm, in a self-storage building with his ex-wife and a misfit group of collectors ready to kill, during an auction of forgotten dreams a man must escape his own past to start again.

Horror / Thriller

This is the story of an unexpected collision between three brothers on a hunting trip and a pair of illegal immigrants escaping to a better life.

Short Film

A father faces questions of responsibility as he takes his daughter’s beloved pet cat to be euthanized.

Short Film